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RDS TALKS 4.3 - Anthony Acevedo Shares How He Started & Startup Advice

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In the previous episode of RDS Talks, CEO Gustavo Hermida and Anthony Acevedo of Visiting Angels discussed Anthony’s vision on why he started his business. For this episode, the continuation of the startup of Visiting Angels continues. 

In case you missed the previous episodes and shows, tune in and binge-watch! All videos could be accessible at RDS Team’s Youtube account called RDS Team TV. 

After being laid out from work, Anthony and his wife used their skills in honing their business. They became partners, a team, and looked out for each other. “Being an entrepreneur, it takes a tremendous leap of faith. You have to have a partnership. I had to tell you that I have a very brilliant wife in the sense that she’s very grounded. It’s okay to be a solo entrepreneur. I think that’s okay but what I’m trying to say is you need support. You need to take a leap of faith and maybe be a little crazy too? I think it’s, you’re venturing out there,” Anthony said. 

Upon starting the business, they only had their investment money and work experiences from the marketing and healthcare industries. As per Anthony, this is important because later on it will be utilized in the business management, operations, and overall organization. 

But what led these power couples to choose a franchise rather than build their own startup?

The reason we decided on a franchise is because, a franchise already had a template. It already had something that you could follow and based on our research, I’m telling people, do your homework. Do your homework and go check it out. Make sure it’s legit. Make sure they got their own strong operational. Franchises have good and bad depending but generally you get all of that.” 

Another thing that he could give to future entrepreneurs is, “But there’s one other thing I wanna say. What we took away from being in the business that we’ve been for all this years is a really strong, powerful genuine customer service. That saves you from everything else. Because if you give clients what their expectations with kindness, and even our caregivers as well, everyone has to have the same level of care and customer service. And we brought that to our table because honestly the way we answer the phones, the way we talk to our family, they always help us. We are very professional and caring.” 

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