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You can use technology to drive competitive advantage and greater profit for your business, without assuming the burden of managing that technology yourself.

Business Phones for Every Need, Including Analog, VOIP, Mobile and The Cloud

Whether or not you have a phone system, Birch has a range of services to meet all of your office phone needs:

If you don’t need a phone system and simply need a single phone line for local calling or fax, alarm or elevator, we have a basic voice solution. If you have a phone system, we can connect to it. We support key systems, PRI and SIP. If you’re in the market for a new phone system – or you’re ready to move to the cloud for security and improved functionality, our Hosted PBX offers the perfect solution to make your business more productive.

Whichever solution suits your business needs, we can enhance it with Voice Applications such as Fax-to-Email, which allows you to receive faxes in your inbox and Unified Messaging, which allows you to receive voicemails in your inbox. Plus Birch offers unlimited mobile plans with competitive prices and the latest devices that work on every major protocol. We can deliver all your communication needs from one provider with a single monthly bill. With the integration of our Mobile and Hosted Phone System, your mobile device becomes your mobile office




#1 Florida Authorized Savin/Ricoh & Brother Copier Dealer.


It’s challenging to figure out what system makes the most sense for your business. Do you need a copier/printer with all the bells and whistles, or would a more streamlined machine be more appropriate? What about considerations like size, speed, and aesthetics? Will you need to upgrade your office equipment in a couple of years or do you want a printer and copier system that will be able to adapt to your growing business? In our consultation, we’ll evaluate your current digital printing needs and develop a customized and affordable document management plan to meet your business goals and budget.